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Today I received a Google Partners Connect hosting kit in the mail for a meeting with current and potential clients Monday. In the box are Google branded pens

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Plus a Starbucks Gift card for tea and biscuits!

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NASA’s NEEMO 19 mission team has it’s first Google Hangout from Aquarius 62 feet under the sea!


— NASA Social (@NASASocial) Zithromax Buy Online India

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TWISMinion Science Island 9.4.14

1 – Can I Buy Zovirax Ointment Over The Counter

2 – Time Travel Simulation Resolves “Ci Cipro 85 For Sale”.

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5 – Buy Kamagra Online In The Uk 5 trends from the past 10 years that should make you happy!

6 – Early cerebellum injury hinders neural development, Viagra Generic Online Canada possible Accutane 2009 Onlineof autism.

7 – Investigational Where To Buy Clomid Online Uk poised to change cardiology.

8 – Scientist Is Buying Propecia Online Illegalhow to “switch off” autoimmune diseases.

9 – Ebola drug Buy Cephalexin 500mg Without set to begin amid crisis.

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Historic First

What arrived on the desk a few days ago could be a historic first for mankind and comunication with other forms of life possibly orbiting our planet right now! Let us not forget the dangerous times we live in as we digest this ground breaking news. I was contacted recently regarding an unusual letter that was addressed to a leafy friend of mine Generic Viagra Suhagra Online.

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Immediately thoughts began sprouting up in my mind. Who would even conceive of writing a letter to a head or multiple heads of lettuce? Would Veggie understand what the writer was trying to convey? Veggie has been under a lot of pressure lately with competition outside the hull plus the Russians are eating at such an aggressive rate! Is this safe?  What would you lettuce say?

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Turns out this letter was to thank Generic Viagra Suhagra Online for supporting a security company that recently put out an amazing new product called Buy Cialis 5mg Daily Use.  More about Clef can be found on their web site Viagra Doctor Online.  Flagyl Without Prescription was surprisingly short on words when asked about the new application that aims to help WordPress users to stop typing passwords, Get A Valtrex Prescription Voltaren Online Nz Vote but I can tell you as someone who runs multiple websites it is a God send!

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Thanks Buy Cialis 5mg Daily Use!

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#TWISMinion Science Island 8.28.14.

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Einsteins Thought Experiments

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1 – Do we live in a 2-D Universe?

Betnovate Chemist Prescription Only Side Effects

2 – Will the next war with Canada be a fight over water?

Flagyl Pills Online

3 – The Differences Between The Diseases We Donate To, And The Diseases That Kill Us

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4 – Climate change could see dengue fever come to Europe

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5 – Brazil considers transgenic trees. Genetically modified eucalyptus could be a global test case.

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6 – Entangled photons make a picture from a paradox. Quantum imaging outlines objects with light that does not interact with them.

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7 – Long-sought neutrinos answer burning question about the Sun

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8 – New prosthetic leg. Implant attached to bone in pioneering technique that helps prevent infection and discomfort.

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#TWISMinion Cymbalta Prescription Savings Walgreens 7.21.2014

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The Neanderthal Survival game

Antarctica’s Secret Lakes
Lakes under the ice: Antarctica’s secret garden from News Viagra Buy Uk

How to Voltaren Salep Untuk Nanah by Paracetamol Buy 2014 on Zovirax Salep Cacar from Kamagra Online Erfahrungen


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New Personal Data Tool
Tool to make Online Personal Data More Transparent via Clomid Buy Online Australia

Regrowth of Brain Cells?
Turning blood cells into brain cells via Accutane Prescription Xanax

How Children Memorize
Stanford study used brain scans to research memory in children via Cialis Online Greece

Ozone Depleting compounds compound.

NASA’s research on the Earth’s Atmosphere via
Kamagra Oral Jelly For Sale Uk